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Ulanzi CapGrip series: turn your smartphone into a photo-video camera

Using the phone as a camera is inevitable in today's content creator scene. The speed at which we share “news” or images on social media has grown enormously. Ulanzi has been developing, creating and delivering the best and most user-friendly gear for the modern content creator for over 10 years. Whether you need a (table) tripod, continuous light, a rig or a complete home studio; Ulanzi is the way to go.

To operate your phone easier, faster and more comfortably, a CapGrip is indispensable. A small addition to your phone, with a remote that communicates via Bluetooth and transforms your smartphone into a camera in an instant. Over the years, development in function and especially the needs of the users has not stood still. The arrival of MagSafe also heralded a major change. Ulanzi therefore now offers 4 versions of the CapGrip; the right solution for everyone. Read what is available, see what suits you and start creating even better content.

  1. The Original: CapGrip

With the introduction of the Ulanzi CapGrip, using a smartphone as a photo-video camera became a lot more comfortable.

With a simple clip on, holding your smartphone was immediately familiar and secure. With the Bluetooth connection you are just 1 push of a button away from capturing the perfect shot. The push button is also a remote shutter so that you can also place your “camera” on a tripod (with a ¼” screw hole) and take photos remotely. Perfect for a selfie or group photo.

For only €23.95, the CapGrip is a perfect investment.

2. The next step: CapGrip II

As a result of the enormous growth in the use of the smartphone as a photo-video camera, the needs for accessories are also changing. The CapGrip was improved and with the arrival of the CapGrip II, Ulanzi was again a trendsetter in functionality.

Still easy to install, but now with a remote with built-in battery. An attachment for a carrying strap, a cold shoe mount, because content creators are increasingly using continuous light. And a magnetic mirror on the front for the perfect selfie! And to top it all off; Due to the special design of the handle, the CapGrip II can also be used as a stand for your telephone, for example for video conversations.

Your choice for €27.95

3. It gets even better: CapGrip LED

More and more social media are running on moving images, and the video button on the smartphone is being used more and more often. High time to give the CapGrip more functions.

First of all, get rid of the mirror; replaced by a lamp that provides continuous light. Of course a larger battery and for comfort, a 'softer' plastic for a better feeling. The light is adjustable with an extra button on the CapGrip.

Available for €29.95

4. The ultimate: MA35 MagSafe CapGrip

MagSafe has now joined the content creator of 2024, even non-iPhone users opt for the convenience, with or without an extra magnetic ring. With the arrival of the MA35, Ulanzi paves the way for taking professional photos or videos with your smartphone.

The extremely ergonomic handle works with the magnetic MagSafe and/or a clip-on function. Every smartphone fits. A 90-degree rotation function to quickly switch from portrait to landscape mode without removing your smartphone. The remote has a range of 15 meters and the mirror is back. The separately available LM19 ringlight makes your images even sharper and lets you use the power of your smartphone as a camera 100%.

This high-tech extension of your smartphone will cost € 29.95 and will be available soon. The LM19 ring light will also be available soon and costs €34.95.

More information about where you can obtain the CapGrips via or find one retailer near you.

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