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New: K&F Concept

Available from this week: sturdy camera backpacks, versatile tripods and affordable lens filters from K&F Concept.

K&F Concept is known for lens filters with a very good price-quality ratio. We have UV filters and (variable) ND filters in our range.

But K&F Concept has more than filters. The tripods made of aluminum and carbon have been around for years bestsellers on Amazon. We also have these tripods in stock in our warehouse. All tripods are very compact when folded and you get a lot of tripod for your money.

The waterproof one camera bags from K&F Concept are suitable for every (smartphone) photographer and video maker. They are full of smart storage compartments and dividing elements. The backpacks are available in different styles and sizes.

We also have various accessories in stock, including lens wipes and cleaning kits.

All K&F Concept products have a standard one-year manufacturer's warranty. Movidis extends the warranty period to 2 years.

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