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Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof has been a household name in the field of education for years and is considered one of the best instructors for model photography.

Frank Doorhof has been a household name in the field of education for years and is considered one of the best instructors for model photography. 

He gives weekly model photography workshops in his studio in Emmeloord, but is also a much sought-after speaker at events and workshops worldwide, regularly at unique places such as castles, museums and urbex locations. 


Frank varies and mixes different light sources in his work; studio flashes, speedlights, natural light and LED. Many artists have already found their way to Frank, such as Wibi Soerjadi, Simon Kuipers, Sean Webster, Brownie Dutch, Sarina Kay, Maria Bertrand and many more. He is known for the use of color and details in his photographs, but especially of light and shadow. His style is very recognizable and is often compared to the old masters. An honor that Frank himself often dismisses as “too much honor, but it is certainly a source of inspiration”

To understand the light you must see the light

Frank is a much sought-after speaker at trade fairs and events at home and abroad. Thanks to his background in IT and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) certification, Frank is able to explain both lighting and the techniques behind the equipment in very understandable language. He is also specialized in color management for both the end product (calibrations) and workflow. 

But his real passion is teaching and teaching photographers more about light and everything related to a successful photo shoot. Frank was the first European KelbyOne instructor, the platform of Scott Kelby (the famous author of books on photography, Photoshop and Lightroom)

K&F Concept

Frank's motto is “Why fake it when you can create it”. Look before you press the shutter and take the photo right away. Then you don't have to do much post-processing. Frank uses the magnetic Black Diffusion filters, especially when working with lens flares and backlight K&F Concept. The nano dots in the Black Diffusion filter enhance the lens flare without losing sharpness and detail. Nowadays lenses are well protected with anti-glare or anti-flare coatings. And cheap, vintage or older lenses are often not as sharp or do not have autofocus. Thanks to the Black Diffusion filters, you get a nice soft glow on your photo, only where you want it. The Black Diffusion filter hardly comes off the lens, because you do not see the effect under "normal" lighting conditions. Frank's enthusiasm led to a special FD kit with 2 different Black Diffusion filters and a variable ND filter. Of course they are all magnetic, so you can quickly change and stack them.

Even more about Frank Doorhof

Online courses and tutorials

Frank has created various courses and tutorials on model and street and travel photography in Dutch and English. You can find them on his website, as well as on leading sites like Udemy, Kelbyone, Skillshare and several other sites. even offers some special Dutch courses. 


In addition, Frank is the author of several bestsellers on model photography such as “Mastering the Model Shoot” (translated into Chinese, Czech and Dutch, among others), “Photography with the small flash”, “The magic of the small flash” and “Photography in Elke Situation".

 Free offer

And if that's not enough, Frank is also very active on social media. Every day he shows his work and gives tips about photography. Together with his wife Annewiek, Frank makes videos with behind-the-scenes images and tips. There is also a 2-hour live stream from the studio every month, you can watch the “Digital Classroom” online for free; a live shoot with a theme and model on YouTube and Facebook live. Thanks to different camera angles, you are fully present and you can also ask questions.

See, the channel already has over 26,000 subscribers and more than 1,500 videos. 

Studio Frank Doorhof

Studio FD is the name of the photo studio. Frank and Annewiek not only give workshops, but are also distributors and resellers of Rogue (FlashBenders, color and correction, reflection and magnetic modifiers for compact and round flashes), IQwire “the next generation” tether cables, ClickBackdrops backgrounds and Geekoto (hybrid flashes and softboxes). Because these are also the brands they work with every day, Frank and Annewiek know the products well and support and help is always close by. This is why many photographers choose Frank and Annewiek products, Annewiek and Frank can always be reached via WhatsApp, social media, telephone or email (even on weekends and holidays).


Workshops and events: